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 * [[http://code.google.com/p/ouspg-ridac/source/checkout | Source Repository]]
 * [[http://code.google.com/p/ouspg-ridac/issues/list | Issue Tracker]]
 * [[https://github.com/ouspg/ridac | Source Repository]]


Frontier RIDAC

Frontier RIDAC is an Open Source RFID Audit Framework released to the community by OUSPG in 2009. This framework attempts to systematically document RFID related threats and how to systematically audit unknown RFID systems against these risks. This site codifies the audit process, documents hardware to support the audits and provides a software toolkit to assist the analysis.


This framework is aimed to help practitioners working with RFID systems. We hope to give a glimpse to the information security perspective to those who build these systems. We hope to give a systematic method to security auditors and pen-testers who have to evaluate these systems. We hope to give a forum to the researchers to share their advances in evaluating the practical security of RFID based systems or who make advances in developing new ways to analyze them from the black-box perspective. For more details, see use cases.


Scope of this framework is on practical (security) evaluation of RFID based systems. Crypto analysis, advanced protocol design or new security solutions for RFID deserve their place in the references and other pointers but are not in the core of this framework. We try to focus on the things that are useful when you face an unknown (black box) RFID system in practice, have to find out how it works and have to assess its security. For more details about scope and limitations, see use cases, RFID Audit Toolkit and RFID Audit Hardware.

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