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Breaking the Frontier Between Artificial and Natural Intelligent Systems: info.

Recent Advances in Socially-aware Mobile Networking, special section in IEEE Access: info.


IPA: [ul'riko] [tʃelen'taːno]

Short biography

Ulrico Celentano holds a dott.ing. degree in electronics engineering from the University of Florence, Italy, a doctoral degree in technology from the University of Oulu, Finland, and has completed a block of studies in psychology at the University of Oulu. He currently is with the Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group at the University of Oulu, where he has been doing research on adaptive systems and interacting natural and artificial intelligent entities. His present research interests include dependable systems, as well as networked artificial intelligent systems, human cognition and the social interaction of the above. Applications include ethical issues (e.g. data privacy and information security) and inclusive society.


TkT [tekniikan tohtori (ISCED-2011:844) ~ D.Sc.(Tech.)], from the University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

dott.ing. [dottore in ingegneria elettronica (ISCED-2011:746); abilitazione alla professione di ingegnere (sez. A, CIV+IND+INF)], both from the University of Florence, Florence, Italy

Other education

Psychology, basic studies [perusopinnot (ISCED-2011:641)] at the University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland


Research Doctor [tutkijatohtori] at Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG), Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE), University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

Contact data

e-mail: Name.SURNAME@ee.oulu.fi (correct the address properly!)

mail: 9BISG, P.O.Box 4500, FI-90014 University of Oulu, Finland

room: TS394 (Tietotalo, 3rd floor)

street address: Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3, Oulu (door E)

Other resources

My official home-page

My University home-page

My LinkedIn profile (no papers here)

My ResearchGate profile

My Google Scholar profile (with H-index)

My academia.edu profile (incomplete)

My Microsoft Academic profile


Accessible lists: selected publications, full list (by category), by year

Lists (publications, expert, teaching) at University of Oulu on SoleCRIS

University of Oulu repository Jultika (only parallel publishing, with full-text): as an author, full search

List at European Patent Office (Espacenet patent search)

List at World Intellectual Property Organization (Patentscope patent search)

Research interests

Cognitive systems. Interacting intelligent entities. Systems modelling. Concurrent systems. Efficiency. Dependability. Human-technology interaction. Artificial intelligence. Security (Privacy). eHealth. Bio-IT.

Ethics. History of technology.


Other relevant units at the University of Oulu: CSE (old web-site), DCE, Psych.

Relevant units at the University of Florence: LENST (DaCoNetS, LESC), DSI, LabTele.

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