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util_xml Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
util::xml::AttrAttr class is used to store attributes in Element objects
util::xml::CDATASectionCDATA section is a sequence of unparsed data
util::xml::CharacterDataCharactedData objects represent different types of character data like text, comments or CDATA sections
util::xml::CommentA comment in the XML markup
util::xml::DeclarationProcessing instruction represents a tag starting with '<!' in the XML markup
util::xml::DocumentDocument is the root node for XML documents
util::xml::ElementElement represents a tag in XML markup
util::xml::NodeA base class for all XML markup elements
util::xml::ProcessingInstructionProcessing instruction represents a tag starting with '<?' in the XML markup
util::xml::TextA section of text in the XML markup
util::xml::XMLExceptionAn exception for invalid XML syntax
util::xml::XMLParserXMLParser is a class that can be used to parse XML documents

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