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util::io::RS232 Class Reference

#include <RS232.h>

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Detailed Description

A class for accessing the RS232 serial port.

The port settings will be temporarily fixed at 9600, 8N1, XON/XOFF.

Public Methods

 RS232 (const char *device="/dev/ttyS0", int type=O_RDWR)
 RS232 (const char *device="/dev/ttyb", int type=O_RDWR)
virtual ~RS232 ()
void open (void) throw (IOException&)
 Open a file.

const char * getDeviceName (void)

Member Function Documentation

void util::io::RS232::open void    throw (IOException&) [virtual]

Open a file.

IOException  if the file cannot be opened

Reimplemented from util::io::GeneralFile.

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