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util::StreamTokenizer::NumberToken Class Reference

#include <StreamTokenizer.h>

Inheritance diagram for util::StreamTokenizer::NumberToken:

util::StreamTokenizer::Token util::Object List of all members.

Detailed Description

Number token represents a numerical value, i.e.

a sequence of characters labeled as TOKEN_NUMBER.

Public Methods

 NumberToken (std::string str, double number)
 Create a new number token with the given contents.

double getNumber () const
 Get the number this token represents.

std::string getNumberString () const
 Get the number as it was read.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

util::StreamTokenizer::NumberToken::NumberToken std::string    str,
double    number

Create a new number token with the given contents.

str  the number exactly as it was read
number  the numerical value of the number

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