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util::AutoMutex Class Reference

#include <Mutex.h>

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Detailed Description

AutoMutex is a class for automatically locking and unlocking a mutex.

It comes in handy when there are many places where a mutex should be unlocked and especially with exceptions. AutoMutex locks a mutex when it is created and unlocks it upon deletion.


 int foobar(void)
   //mutex is defined elsewhere. Locally defined mutexes make no sense
   AutoMutex auto(mutex); //lock, enter protected area
   if (something)
     return 0; //no need to unlock, AutoMutex takes care
   if (something_else)
     throw 0; //same here
   return 1; //and here

Public Methods

 AutoMutex (Mutex &mutex)
 Create a new AutoMutex, lock the mutex.

 ~AutoMutex ()
 Destroy an AutoMutex, unlock the mutex.

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