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util Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
util::AsciiCodec< T >A codec for reading and writing ascii-encoded matrices
util::AutoMutexAutoMutex is a class for automatically locking and unlocking a mutex
util::BitOperationA wrapper class for conventional naming of static functions for performing bit operations
util::Blob< T >Blob (Binary Large OBject) is a class for storing a pointer to data and the size of the data
util::BooleanBoolean is a wrapper class for the primitive type bool
util::Complex< T >A class for complex calculations
util::ComputableComputable is a base class for all objects that can be used in arithmetic operations unaware of their type
util::ComputationExceptionComputation exception is thrown whenever a computation cannot be successfully carried out
util::DaemonDaemon is a process that works with no controlling terminal
util::DoublyLinkedList< content >Doubly linked list is an stronger version of the basic linked list
util::EndDelimitedSectionA section that terminates at a given section end string
util::EOLSectionA section that terminates at end of line
util::EventListener< T >An interface for classes that are going to listen events from an event source
util::EventSource< T >EventSource provides convenient means of adding, removing and notifying event listeners
util::ExceptionException is the base class of all exceptions
util::Fifo< T >Fifo is a first-in-first-out buffer built on top of List
util::Hashtable< key, value >Hashtable is an implementation of an associative array
util::Heap< T, comparator >Heap is an implementation of a binary tree with the properties listed below
util::InvalidArgumentExceptionAn exception for cases where an invalid argument or arguments were used in a method or constructor call
util::Iterator< T >Iterator is an interface for all iterable object collections
util::LinkedList< content >LinkedList objects can be used to create linked lists
util::List< T >List is the default implementation of a growing list that allocates new memory as needed
util::ListUtilsHere you can find functions for handling lists
util::Map< key, value >Map is an interface for data structures that hold name-value pairs
util::MathA template class that holds some useful functions for calculating mathematic quantities
util::MathExceptionMathException is thrown in many cases where invalid mathematic operations would be performed
util::Matrix< T >Matrix is used to present a two-dimensionan array of any data type
util::MatrixCodec< T >MatrixCodec is an interface for classes that are able to read and write matrix/image data in various formats
util::MatrixExceptionMatrixException is thrown when dimensions do not match or other errors occur when handling matrices
util::MatrixUtilsMethods for non-mathematics related matrix operations
util::MutexMutual exclusion lock
util::MutexExceptionMutexException is thrown if an error occurs when handling mutexes
util::NotCloneableExceptionNotCloneableException is thrown when the Object::clone() method is called on a class that does not implement it
util::NumberNumber is the base class for all numeric types
util::Number::FloatTemplate< T >A template for floating point numbers
util::Number::IntegerTemplate< T >A template for non-floating point numbers
util::ObjectA common base class for dynamic types
util::OperationNotDefinedExceptionOperationNotDefinedException is thrown when an operation for certain computable types is not defined
util::Pair< T, U >Pair is a utility class for storing pairs of objects
util::PrimitiveTypeA base class for all primitive type wrappers (numbers,Boolean)
util::ProcessProcess is an object the can be used to easily create a new process
util::PropertiesProperties is a utility class for reading name-value pairs from a stream
util::RegexRegex is a class for easy implementation of regular expression search and replace operations
util::RunExceptionRunException is thrown when a Runnable code cannot be started for some reason
util::RunnableThe abstract base class for all parallel processable things like processes, daemon processes and threads
util::SectionSection represents a part of input that is treated as a single token in StreamTokenizer
util::SerializableAn interface for dynamic type object serialization
util::SerializationA class for collecting all dynamic type serializers together
util::SerializerSerializer is an interface for classes that are able to write and read Serializable objects
util::SignalHandlerSignalHandler is a class for easily assigning handlers for different types of signals
util::SmartPtr< T >A smart pointer class
util::SortedLinkedList< content >A linked list that maintains its elements in sorted order
util::SortedList< T, comparator >SortedList is a sorted list of any objects (including primitive data types)
util::Stack< T >Stack is a data structure that is accessed from one end
util::StreamTokenizerStreamTokenizer reads an input stream and splits it into separate tokens
util::StreamTokenizer::NormalTokenNormal token represents a character that has no special label
util::StreamTokenizer::NumberTokenNumber token represents a numerical value, i.e
util::StreamTokenizer::SectionTokenSection token represents a section of any characters delimited by some special characters
util::StreamTokenizer::TokenToken is the common base class for different token types
util::StreamTokenizer::WordTokenWord token represents a sequence of characters labeled as TOKEN_WORD
util::StringContains static methods for many useful string handling needs
util::ThreadThe Thread class is a convenient way of creating concurrently executing code that can use the same variables
util::ThreadListenerThreadListener is an interface for classes that must know when a thread has finished its job
util::TimerTimer uses the system's real-time clock to perform nanosecond-resolution timing
util::Tree< T >Tree represents a node in a tree data structure
util::UtilA class that contains miscellaneous utility methods that do not fit anywhere else

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