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util::ariel::Comma Class Reference

#include <Operator.h>

Inheritance diagram for util::ariel::Comma:

util::ariel::BinaryFunction util::ariel::Operator util::Object List of all members.

Detailed Description

The Comma operator (,) is used to separate expressions in lists.

It works in two modes: 'first' and 'non-first'. The first comma in an expression always concatenates its left and right operands into a list. All subsequent commas add their right operand to the list given as the left operand. For 'non-first' commas, the left operand must always be a list.

Public Methods

 Comma (bool first=true)
SmartPtr< Computableoperator() (const Computable &c1, const Computable &c2) throw (ComputationException&)
 All binary functions perform operations on to operands and must override this method.

void setFirst (bool first)
bool isFirst ()

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