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util_ariel Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
util::ariel::AddAdd sums two operands together
util::ariel::ArrayIndexArrayIndex uses the second operand as an array index to the first one
util::ariel::AssignmentAssignment assigns the second operand to the first one
util::ariel::BinaryAndBinaryAnd performs a binary and operation on two arguments
util::ariel::BinaryFunctionBinaryFunction is a base class for operations that have two operands
util::ariel::BinaryOrBinaryOr performs a binary or operation on two arguments
util::ariel::BinaryXorBinaryXor performs a binary exclusive or operation on two arguments
util::ariel::CommaThe Comma operator (,) is used to separate expressions in lists
util::ariel::ComplementNegate complements its argument
util::ariel::DifferentDifferent compares two operands for difference
util::ariel::DivideDivide calculates the quotient of two operands
util::ariel::EqualEqual compares two operands for equivalence
util::ariel::ExpressionExpression is a class for calculating dynamically created arithmetic expressions run-time
util::ariel::FetchValueThe '$' operator
util::ariel::FunctionCallFunctioCall calls the first operand with the second one as an argument
util::ariel::GreaterGreater checks if the first operand is greater than the second one
util::ariel::GreaterOrEqualGreaterOrEqual checks if the first operand is greater than or equal to the second one
util::ariel::LessLess checks if the first operand is smaller than the second one
util::ariel::LessOrEqualLessOrEqual checks if the first operand is smaller than or equal to the second one
util::ariel::LogicalAndLogicalAnd performs a logical and operation on two arguments
util::ariel::LogicalOrLogicalOr performs a logical or operation on two arguments
util::ariel::ModulusDivide calculates the remainder of two operands after division
util::ariel::MultiplyMultiply multiplies two operands
util::ariel::NegateNegate negates its argument
util::ariel::OperatorOperator is a base class for binary and unary operators
util::ariel::ParseExceptionParseException is thrown when an expression has invalid format and thus cannot be parsed into an executable calculation structure
util::ariel::SubtractSubtract calculates the difference between two operands
util::ariel::UnaryFunctionUnaryFunction is an operator that works with a single argument
util::ariel::VariableManagerVariableManager is used in getting and setting the value of non-constant expressions
util::ariel::VariableManager::SimpleA simple variable manager that uses a hash table to store and retrieve variable values
util::ariel::VoidVoid is a computable object for 'nothing', that is, an empty expression

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