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propertyservice::mobilerobot::Sensor Class Reference

#include <Sensor.h>

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Detailed Description

An interface for robot sensors that provide a single measurement.

Typical examples are sonars and bumpers.

Public Methods

virtual SensorLocation getLocation ()=0
 Get the location of a sensor.

virtual void setLocation (SensorLocation)=0
 Set the location of a sensor.

virtual double getMeasurement ()=0
 Get the current measurement from a sensor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual double propertyservice::mobilerobot::Sensor::getMeasurement   [pure virtual]

Get the current measurement from a sensor.

This value may be a distance measurement from a sonar, a boolean value or a pressure measurement from a bumber or just about anything else. The only restriction is that the value must be scalar.

virtual void propertyservice::mobilerobot::Sensor::setLocation SensorLocation    [pure virtual]

Set the location of a sensor.

For statically mounted sensors, this method typically does nothing. But in cases like a scanning sonar, it might have a purpose.

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