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propertyservice::camera::Format Class Reference

#include <CameraServer.h>

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Detailed Description

Format is used in representing an image format.

Public Types

 Possible data formats. More...

Public Methods

 Format (int xpels=1, int ypels=1, DataType type=RAW_PIXELS, int bitsPerPixel=24, string clrSpace="RGB")
 Create a new image format.

 Format (const Format &other)
 Copy an image format.

Format & operator= (const Format &other)
 Copy an image format.

bool operator== (const Format &other)
 Compare image formats.

bool operator!= (const Format &other)
 Compare image formats.

Public Attributes

int x
 The horizontal resolution of an image.

int y
 The vertical resolution of an image.

DataType dataType
 Indicates how the image data is formatted.

int bpp
 The number of bits per pixel.

string colorSpace
 The name of the color space.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum propertyservice::camera::Format::DataType

Possible data formats.

  • RAW_PIXELS - no compression, just raw pixel data (RGBRGBRGB)
  • RAW_CHANNELS - no compression, color channels as a whole (RRRGGGBBB)
  • COMPRESSED_JPG - jpg-compressed data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

propertyservice::camera::Format::Format int    xpels = 1,
int    ypels = 1,
DataType    type = RAW_PIXELS,
int    bitsPerPixel = 24,
string    clrSpace = "RGB"

Create a new image format.

xpels  horizontal resolution
ypels  vertical resolution
type  the data type
bitsPerPixel  the number of bits per pixel
colorSpace  the name of the color space
chMask  channel mask.

Member Data Documentation

string propertyservice::camera::Format::colorSpace

The name of the color space.

"gray" and "RGB" are the most typical ones.

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