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prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > Member List

This is the complete list of members for prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U >, including all inherited members.
CircularHough(T magnitudeThreshold, int startRadius=1, int endRadius=-1, double radiusStep=1)prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [inline]
getEndRadius()prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [inline]
getRadiusStep()prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [inline]
getStartRadius()prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [inline]
getThreshold() constprapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [inline]
getTransformedImage(const util::Matrix< U > &mat)prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [virtual]
setRadii(int start, int end, double step)prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [inline]
setThreshold(T threshold)prapi::transforms::CircularHough< T, U > [inline]
~ImageTransform()prapi::ImageTransform< T, U > [virtual]

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