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prapi::texture::EdgeThinner Class Reference

#include <EdgeDetector.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::texture::EdgeThinner:

prapi::ImageTransform< double, graphics::Point< double > > List of all members.

Detailed Description

The EdgeThinner class is an image transform that makes thin edges.

A non-maximum suppression algorithm is used that looks for edge pixels. Once it finds one, it tries to find a stronger one in the direction of the edge gradient at the pixel. If a larger gradient magnitude value is found within the given radius, the edge pixel is set to zero.

Public Methods

 EdgeThinner (unsigned int radius)
 Create a new EdgeThinner that uses the given radius for non-maximum suppression.

util::Matrix< double > getTransformedImage (const util::Matrix< graphics::Point< double > > &gradients) throw (ImageTransformException&)

Static Public Methods

util::Matrix< double > suppressNonMaxima (const util::Matrix< graphics::Point< double > > &gradients, unsigned int radius)
 Suppress non-maximum gradien values.

Member Function Documentation

util::Matrix<double> prapi::texture::EdgeThinner::suppressNonMaxima const util::Matrix< graphics::Point< double > > &    gradients,
unsigned int    radius

Suppress non-maximum gradien values.

Gradient angles must be in the range [0,2*M_PI). Otherwise the behavior is undefined.

gradients  gradient angles and magnitudes
radius  the search radius

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