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prapi_texture Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
prapi::texture::CALBP< T >This class contains an implementation of the Cellular Automaton LBP
prapi::texture::Canny< T, U >This Class makes the Canny edge detection
prapi::texture::CircularLocalSampler< T, U >CircularLocalSampler is a common superclass for all image transforms that work with a circular neighborhood
prapi::texture::ContrastA class for calculating local contrast
prapi::texture::CoOccurenceA class for calculating co-occurence matrices
prapi::texture::DifferentialEdgeDetector< T, U >This is the base class for all EdgeDetectors which are made by using two, X and Y masks
prapi::texture::EdgeDetector< T, U >EdgeDectector includes various utility functions for edge detection
prapi::texture::EdgeDetectorExceptionThe EdgeDetectorException
prapi::texture::EdgeThinnerThe EdgeThinner class is an image transform that makes thin edges
prapi::texture::EdgeUtilsThe EdgeUtils class contains static utility methods for converting between different edge representations
prapi::texture::GeneralLBP< T >A general implementation of the LBP texture operator
prapi::texture::HysteresisThresholding< T >HysteresisThersholding of edge pixels
prapi::texture::KernelSegmentatorKernelSegmentator performs supervised segmentation on an matrix
prapi::texture::LaplaceOfGaussian< T, U >Laplace of gaussian detects edges in a local 3-by-3 neighborhood using a simple convolution mask:
   0 -1  0
  -1  4 -1
   0 -1  0
prapi::texture::LBP8An optimized implementation of the 8-bit LBP operator for integer-valued matrices
prapi::texture::LBPExtractor< T >A common superclass for all types of LBP feature extractors
prapi::texture::LBPMappingA class for creating mappings for the LBP operator
prapi::texture::MSEdgeThresholding< T >MSEdgedetector calculates the threshold by formula sum(Gx"2+Gy"2)*2/sqrt((row-1)*(col-1)) where row and col is the amount of rows and columns
prapi::texture::OpponentColorLBP< T >OpponentColorLBP is an LBP variant for color images
prapi::texture::SgnDiff< T >A class for calculating signed differences from an matrix
prapi::texture::Thresholding< T >The base class for thresholding which allows user give it's own threshold
prapi::texture::VarianceA class for calculating local variance

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