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prapi::SubSetSelector::GoodnessMeasure Class Reference

#include <FeatureSelector.h>

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Detailed Description

An interface for methods for evaluating the goodness of a subset (of features).

Public Methods

virtual double measureGoodness (SubSetSelector &selector, const util::List< int > &enabledIndices)=0
 Measure the goodness of a subset (of features).

Member Function Documentation

virtual double prapi::SubSetSelector::GoodnessMeasure::measureGoodness SubSetSelector   selector,
const util::List< int > &    enabledIndices
[pure virtual]

Measure the goodness of a subset (of features).

Subclasses must override this method and find out a method of evaluating the goodness of the given subset. A typical way of evaluating the subset is to perform a classification experiment with the indicated items (features) enabled.

selector  a reference to the SubSetSelector instance that called this method. One may use this to stop the optimization.
enabledIndices  the indices of enabled items (features).
the goodness of the enabled items. Larger is better, and negative values are not acceptable.

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