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prapi::RasterCodec Class Reference

#include <RasterCodec.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::RasterCodec:

MatrixCodec< int > Object List of all members.

Detailed Description

RasterCodec reads and writes gray-scale images or integer-valued color images with a palette (colormap) in sunras format.

Public Methods

 RasterCodec ()
void setPacked (bool pack)
 Set the packed flag.

bool isPacked (void) const
 See whether this codec going to pack its output.

void setUseColorMap (bool useClrMap)
 Turn the colormap on or off.

bool isUsingColorMap (void)
 See whether this codec is going to write the color map.

void decodeMatrix (std::istream &in, util::Matrix< int > &mat) throw (util::MatrixException&, util::io::IOException&)
void encodeMatrix (std::ostream &out, const util::Matrix< int > &mat) throw (util::MatrixException&, util::io::IOException&)
void setColorMap (const ColorMap< int > &clrMap)
 Set the color map.

ColorMap< int > getColorMap (void) const
ColorMap< int > & colorMap (void)

Member Function Documentation

void prapi::RasterCodec::setColorMap const ColorMap< int > &    clrMap [inline]

Set the color map.

This will turn the colormap flag on.

clrMap  the colormap to be used. Each value in the image is treated as an index to this map when reading.

void prapi::RasterCodec::setPacked bool    pack [inline]

Set the packed flag.

pack  if true, the output produced by this codec will be rle-encoded.

void prapi::RasterCodec::setUseColorMap bool    useClrMap [inline]

Turn the colormap on or off.

useClrMap  if true, then a colormap will be written.

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