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prapi::RankCombiner::BordaCount Class Reference

#include <MultiClassifier.h>

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Detailed Description

The Borda count is a simple method of combining classification ranks.

For each class, it simply counts the number of classes that are ranked below it by each classifier, and sums them together. The higher the sum, the better the match. Ties are resolved indeterministically.

Public Methods

 BordaCount (int classCount)
 Create a new Borda count rank combiner for the given number of samples.

virtual int combineRanks (const util::List< util::List< int > > &rankings) const
 Combine rankings by different classifiers.

Member Function Documentation

int prapi::RankCombiner::BordaCount::combineRanks const util::List< util::List< int > > &    rankings const [virtual]

Combine rankings by different classifiers.

Rankings by different classifiers are provided as a list in which each slot stores the rankings given by one of the classifiers (in the order the classifiers are given to a MultiClassifier). Rankings are represented as a list with as many slots as the number of classes. Slot 0 represents the rank of the first class, slot 1 the rank of the second class etc. The maximum rank is classCount-1.

Implements prapi::RankCombiner.

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