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prapi::RankCombiner Class Reference

#include <MultiClassifier.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::RankCombiner:

prapi::RankCombiner::BordaCount List of all members.

Detailed Description

RankCombiner is used by MultiClassifier in combining rankings obtained from multiple classifiers.

Its purpose is to convert a list of rankings to a single class index that is the classification result.

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Public Methods

virtual int combineRanks (const util::List< util::List< int > > &rankings) const=0
 Combine rankings by different classifiers.

Protected Methods

 RankCombiner (int classCount)
 Create a new rank combiner for the given number of classes.

Protected Attributes

int _iClassCount
 The number of classes.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int prapi::RankCombiner::combineRanks const util::List< util::List< int > > &    rankings const [pure virtual]

Combine rankings by different classifiers.

Rankings by different classifiers are provided as a list in which each slot stores the rankings given by one of the classifiers (in the order the classifiers are given to a MultiClassifier). Rankings are represented as a list with as many slots as the number of classes. Slot 0 represents the rank of the first class, slot 1 the rank of the second class etc. The maximum rank is classCount-1.

Implemented in prapi::RankCombiner::BordaCount.

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