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prapi::Quantizer Class Reference

#include <Quantizer.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::Quantizer:

prapi::EqualAreaQuantizer prapi::UniformQuantizer List of all members.

Detailed Description

Quantizer is an interface specification for different types of quantization schemes.

Public Methods

 Quantizer (int l=1)
 Create a quantizer with the given number of quantization levels.

virtual ~Quantizer ()
virtual int getLevels (void) const
 Get the number of quantization levels.

virtual void setLevels (int l)
 Set the number of quantization levels.

virtual int getBinIndex (double value)=0 throw (QuantizationException&)
 Get the bin index for the given value, i.e.

Protected Attributes

int _iLevels

Member Function Documentation

virtual int prapi::Quantizer::getBinIndex double    value throw (QuantizationException&) [pure virtual]

Get the bin index for the given value, i.e.

quantize the value.

the quantized value

Implemented in prapi::UniformQuantizer, and prapi::EqualAreaQuantizer.

virtual void prapi::Quantizer::setLevels int    l [inline, virtual]

Set the number of quantization levels.

The output values produced by getBinIndex will range from 0 to l-1.

Reimplemented in prapi::EqualAreaQuantizer.

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