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prapi::ProximityCombiner::WeightedSum Class Reference

#include <MultiFeature.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::ProximityCombiner::WeightedSum:

prapi::ProximityCombiner Object List of all members.

Detailed Description

A simple combiner that returns a weighted sum of the given proximities.

This combiner is useful when you need to scale your distance measures. See ProximityMatrix for an explanation on how to perform this. The functionality provided by the weighted sum combiner can be obtained using a ProximityMultiplier for each proximity measure.

See also:
ProximityMatrix , ProximityMultiplier

Public Methods

 WeightedSum ()
virtual ~WeightedSum ()
void setWeight (int index, double weight)
 Set the weight for a given proximity index.

double getWeight (int index)
 Get the weight for a given feature index.

double combine (const List< double > &proximities)

Member Function Documentation

void prapi::ProximityCombiner::WeightedSum::setWeight int    index,
double    weight

Set the weight for a given proximity index.

the  index of the proximity to be weighted
weight  the weight. Default value is 1.

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