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prapi::MultiFeatureHistogram::VQ Class Reference

#include <Histogram.h>

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Detailed Description

The VQ combiner uses a VectorQuantizer to get a bin index for each multi-feature pixel.

In fact, this type of a combiner is not strictly necessary as one could quantize the layered matrix prior to making the histogram. It is provided to allow easy implementation of different types of histograms. Please note that in most applications, this type of a combiner is a massive performance hog.

Public Methods

 VQ (const VectorQuantizer &quantizer)
 Create a new VQ combiner with the given vector quantizer.

virtual void modifyHistogram (const List< int > &pixelValues, List< int > &histogram) const
 Modify the histogram.

virtual int getHistogramLength () const
 Get the length of the histogram this combiner will produce.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void prapi::MultiFeatureHistogram::VQ::modifyHistogram const List< int > &    pixelValues,
List< int > &    histogram
const [inline, virtual]

Modify the histogram.

pixelValues  a list of integers representing the quantized feature values for each channel.
histogram  the histogram to modify according to the pixel values.

Implements prapi::MultiFeatureHistogram::LayerCombiner.

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