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prapi::MultiFeatureHistogram Class Reference

#include <Histogram.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::MultiFeatureHistogram:

prapi::FeatureExtractor< int, List< Matrix< int > > > Object List of all members.

Detailed Description

MultiFeatureHistogram produces many types of histograms out of layered feature matrices.

Each matrix layer represents a quantized feature, and the features can be combined e.g. by producing a multi-dimensional histogram.

Public Methods

 MultiFeatureHistogram (const LayerCombiner &combiner)
 Create a new MultiFeatureHistogram feature extractor with the given layer combiner.

List< int > getFeatureVector (const List< Matrix< int > > &lst) throw (FeatureExtractionException&)
 Generate the histogram.

Member Function Documentation

List< int > prapi::MultiFeatureHistogram::getFeatureVector const List< Matrix< int > > &    lst throw (FeatureExtractionException&) [virtual]

Generate the histogram.

This methods loops through the pixels on the first image in lst. It constructs a vector by collecting all corresponding pixels, i.e. pixels with the same coordinates, from all images, in the order they appear in lst. For each constructed vector, the modifyHistogram method of the internal layer combiner is called. Finally, a histogram is returned. Note that the images in lst must be of exactly the same size.

Implements prapi::FeatureExtractor< int, List< Matrix< int > > >.

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