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prapi::ImageTransform< T, U > Class Template Reference

#include <ImageTransform.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class T, class U>
class prapi::ImageTransform< T, U >

ImageTransform is an interface for operations that convert images from one domain to another.

Typical operations include FFT, texture operators, etc.

Public Methods

virtual ~ImageTransform ()
virtual util::Matrix< T > getTransformedImage (const util::Matrix< U > &mat)=0 throw (ImageTransformException&)
 Convert an image from a domain to another.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T, class U>
virtual util::Matrix<T> prapi::ImageTransform< T, U >::getTransformedImage const util::Matrix< U > &    mat throw (ImageTransformException&) [pure virtual]

Convert an image from a domain to another.

The type of the image may change in conversion. For example, a color image may be converted to an integer image and vice-versa.

mat  the image to be transformed
the transformed image

Implemented in CircularLocalSampler< T, U >, CoOccurence, DifferentialEdgeDetector< T, U >, EdgeThinner, HysteresisThresholding< T >, LaplaceOfGaussian< T, U >, Thresholding< T >, ColorRatio< T >, CompNorm, BinaryMorphology< T >, Labeling< T >, CircularHough< T, U >, CircularHough< T, graphics::Point< double > >, and LinearHough< T, U >.

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