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prapi::HistogramOperation::ContrastStretching Class Reference

#include <Histogram.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::HistogramOperation::ContrastStretching:

prapi::HistogramOperation prapi::ImageTransform< int, int > List of all members.

Detailed Description

Makes the ContrastStreching for a given Matrix.

Public Methods

 ContrastStretching (int minValue=0, int maxValue=255, int oldMinValue=0, int oldMaxValue=0)

Matrix< int > getTransformedImage (const Matrix< int > &mat) throw (ImageTransformException&)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

prapi::HistogramOperation::ContrastStretching::ContrastStretching int    minValue = 0,
int    maxValue = 255,
int    oldMinValue = 0,
int    oldMaxValue = 0


If constructor don't get any parameters it finds the range where it could strech the values. If wanted to specify the range give the new ranges to minValue and maxValue and the old value for oldMinValue and oldMaxValue.

minValue  Minium value of area which wanted to stretch
maxValue  Maxium value of area which wanted to stretch
oldMinValue  the Minium value of old histogram which wanted to stretch for value minValue
oldMaxValue  the Maxium value of old histogram which wanted to stretch for value maxValue

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