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prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > Member List

This is the complete list of members for prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C >, including all inherited members.
addEventListener(EventListener< OptimizationEvent > *listener)EventSource< OptimizationEvent >
beamOptimize()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
beamOptimize(util::List< prapi::ga::Individual< char > > &population)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
calculateFitness(util::List< prapi::ga::Individual< char > > &population)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [virtual]
prapi::ga::FitnessCalculator< char >::calculateFitness(util::List< Individual< char > > &population)=0FitnessCalculator< char > [pure virtual]
clone() constObject [virtual]
createSampleSet(util::List< Sample< T, I, C > > &samples, util::List< int > &selectedFeatures)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C >
eventOccured(util::EventSource< EvolutionEvent > *source, const EvolutionEvent &event)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [virtual]
FeatureSelector(util::List< Sample< T, I, C > > &samples, int classCount, double resultThreshold, int generationCount=-1, int populationSize=10, bool accumulate=false)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
fireEvent(const OptimizationEvent &event)EventSource< OptimizationEvent >
fireEvent(const OptimizationEvent *event)EventSource< OptimizationEvent >
getAccumulate()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
getClassCount()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
getClassificationResult(util::List< Sample< T, I, C > > &samples)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [virtual]
getClassName() constObject
getGenerationCount()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
getLengthPenalty()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
getPopulationSize()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
getResultThreshold()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
isSaturated(const List< double > &values, double threshold)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [static]
lengthPenalty()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
mutate(char value)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline, virtual]
prapi::ga::Mutator< char >::mutate(util::List< Individual< char > > &population)Mutator< char > [virtual]
mutationProbabilityMutator< char >
Mutator(double probability=0.02)Mutator< char >
optimize()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
optimize(util::List< prapi::ga::Individual< char > > &population)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
removeEventListener(EventListener< OptimizationEvent > *listener)EventSource< OptimizationEvent >
setAccumulate(bool accumulate)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
setClassCount(int cnt)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
setGenerationCount(int cnt)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
setLengthPenalty(double value)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
setPopulationSize(int size)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
setResultThreshold(double threshold)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
stop()prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline]
toString() constObject [virtual]
~FeatureSelector() (defined in prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C >)prapi::FeatureSelector< T, I, C > [inline, virtual]
~Object()Object [virtual]

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