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prapi::ConvolutionMask< T > Class Template Reference

#include <ConvolutionMask.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::ConvolutionMask< T >:

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Detailed Description

template<class T>
class prapi::ConvolutionMask< T >

ConvolutionMask is a matrix that can be used for image convolution operations (filtering).

In addition to the data, it contains coordinates for center point and a divisor.

Public Methods

 ConvolutionMask (int size=1)
 All constructors will initially set the origin of the mask to its center.

 ConvolutionMask (int rows, int columns)
 Constructor which makes empty mask.

 ConvolutionMask (const util::Matrix< T > &mat)
 Constructor which makes empty mask.

 ConvolutionMask (const ConvolutionMask &other)
 The copy constructor.

 ConvolutionMask (int rows, int columns, T *initialData)
 Constructor which takes the size of mask and the data array.

ConvolutionMask & operator= (const ConvolutionMask &other)
 Substitution operator.

ConvolutionMask & operator= (const T value)
 Set the value for all the entries of ConvolutionMask.

graphics::Point< int > getOrigin (void) const
 Get the origin of the mask.

graphics::Point< int > & origin (void)
 Get the origin of the mask.

void setOrigin (const graphics::Point< int > &origin)
 Set the Origin.

getDivisor (void) const
 Get the divisor.

T & divisor (void)
 Get the divisor reference.

void setDivisor (T divisor)
 Set the divisor.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
T prapi::ConvolutionMask< T >::getDivisor void    const [inline]

Get the divisor.

When convolving an image, the convolution result is divided by this value. It is thus possible to use fractions in integer-valued convolutions also. The default value is 1.

template<class T>
graphics::Point<int> prapi::ConvolutionMask< T >::getOrigin void    const [inline]

Get the origin of the mask.

This is needed only if the mask is not symmetric.

template<class T>
graphics::Point<int>& prapi::ConvolutionMask< T >::origin void    [inline]

Get the origin of the mask.

This is needed only if the mask is not symmetric.

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