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prapi::ConfusionMatrix Member List

This is the complete list of members for prapi::ConfusionMatrix, including all inherited members.
_iColumnsMatrix< int >
_iRowsMatrix< int >
_pDataMatrix< int >
allocate(bool clear=true)Matrix< int >
clone() constObject [virtual]
cofactor(int row, int col) constMatrix< int >
ConfusionMatrix(int size=1)prapi::ConfusionMatrix [inline]
ConfusionMatrix(const util::List< Sample< T, I, C > > &lst, int classCount=-1)prapi::ConfusionMatrix
copy(const Matrix< U > &other)Matrix< int >
determinant(void) constMatrix< int >
diagonal(void)Matrix< int >
dotProduct(const Matrix &other)Matrix< int >
fliplr()Matrix< int >
flipud()Matrix< int >
getClassName() constObject
getColumn(int index) constMatrix< int >
getColumns() constMatrix< int >
getData()Matrix< int >
getData() constMatrix< int >
getDotProduct(const Matrix &other) constMatrix< int >
getError() constprapi::ConfusionMatrix
getError(int row) constprapi::ConfusionMatrix
getMixup(int column) constprapi::ConfusionMatrix
getRow(int index) constMatrix< int >
getRows() constMatrix< int >
getTranspose() constMatrix< int >
inverse(void) constMatrix< int >
isDiagonal(void)Matrix< int >
isSingular(void)Matrix< int >
isSkewSymmetric(void)Matrix< int >
isSymmetric(void)Matrix< int >
Matrix(int size=1, bool clear=true)Matrix< int >
Matrix(int rows, int columns, bool clear=true)Matrix< int >
Matrix(const Matrix &other)Matrix< int >
Matrix(const Matrix< U > &other)Matrix< int >
Matrix(int rows, int columns, int *data, bool release=false)Matrix< int >
Matrix(int rows, int columns, int firstElement,...)Matrix< int >
Matrix(const List< int > &vector, bool row=true)Matrix< int >
max(void) constMatrix< int >
min(void) constMatrix< int >
operator *(const Matrix< U > &m1, const Matrix< U > &m2)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator *(const Matrix< U > &mat, U value)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator *=(const Matrix &other)Matrix< int >
operator *=(int value)Matrix< int >
operator Matrix()Matrix< int >
operator()(int row, int column)Matrix< int >
operator()(int row, int column) constMatrix< int >
operator()(int row, int column, int rows, int columns) constMatrix< int >
operator+(const Matrix< U > &m1, const Matrix< U > &m2)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator+(const Matrix< U > &mat, U value)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator+=(const Matrix &other)Matrix< int >
operator+=(int value)Matrix< int >
operator-(const Matrix< U > &m1, const Matrix< U > &m2)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator-(const Matrix< U > &mat, U value)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator-=(const Matrix &other)Matrix< int >
operator-=(int value)Matrix< int >
operator/(const Matrix< U > &mat, U value)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator/=(int value)Matrix< int >
operator<<(std::ostream &sout, const Matrix< U > &m)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator=(const Matrix &other)Matrix< int >
operator=(const Matrix< U > &other)Matrix< int >
operator=(int value)Matrix< int >
operator=(const int *contents)Matrix< int >
operator==(const Matrix< U > &m1, const Matrix< U > &m2)Matrix< int > [friend]
operator>>(std::istream &sin, Matrix< U > &m)Matrix< int > [friend]
pivot(int row)Matrix< int >
print(std::ostream &out, const util::List< std::string > &lst, int space=4) constprapi::ConfusionMatrix
releaseData()Matrix< int >
removeColumn(int index)Matrix< int >
removeRow(int index)Matrix< int >
setColumn(int index, List< int > &col)Matrix< int >
setRow(int index, List< int > &row)Matrix< int >
setSize(int rows, int columns)Matrix< int >
sum(void) constMatrix< int >
toString() constObject [virtual]
transpose()Matrix< int >
~Matrix()Matrix< int > [virtual]
~Object()Object [virtual]

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