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prapi_ga Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
prapi::ga::Breeder< T >An interface for different offspring production schemes
prapi::ga::CrossingOverBreeder< T >CrossingOverBreeder randomly takes some individuals from a population, mates them using crossing over, and produces two offspring for each pair of parents
prapi::ga::EvolutionEvent< T >A class that is used to notify listeners about the progress of an evolution
prapi::ga::FitnessCalculator< T >FitnessCalculator calculates fitness for each individual in a population
prapi::ga::Gene< T >Gene is a representation for a list of "synthetic base pairs" that constitute up a single gene in a genotype
prapi::ga::GeneticEngine< T >GeneticEngine loops through a predefined number of evolution cycles by creating a new population from an old one
prapi::ga::Individual< T >An Individual consists of a sequence of genes, i.e
prapi::ga::Mutator< T >Mutator is responsible for making mutations in a population
prapi::ga::RankSelector< T >RankSelector implements tye SurvivorSelection intereface by a rank order selection scheme
prapi::ga::SurvivorSelector< T >An interface for different survivor selection schemes

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