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prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > Member List

This is the complete list of members for prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C >, including all inherited members.
_bPrecalculateprapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [protected]
_iEndIndexprapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [protected]
_iStartIndexprapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [protected]
_lstClassesprapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [protected]
_lstConfusionMatricesprapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [protected]
classify(util::List< Sample< T, I, C > > &train, util::List< Sample< T, I, C > > &test, int classCount)=0prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [pure virtual]
evaluateSuite(std::string path)prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C >
getClasses()prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
getClasses(int index)prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
getConfusionMatrices()prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
getEndIndex() constprapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
getFeatureVector(const util::Matrix< int > &mat)prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline, virtual]
getFeatureVector(const util::Matrix< RGBColor<> > &mat)prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline, virtual]
getPrecalculation()prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
getStartIndex() constprapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
OutexClassificationEngine(bool precalculate=true)prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
setPrecalculation(bool precalculate)prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
setRange(int startIndex=0, int endIndex=-1)prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline]
~OutexClassificationEngine()prapi::extras::OutexClassificationEngine< T, I, C > [inline, virtual]

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