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prapi::color::ColorCorrelogram Class Reference

#include <ColorCorrelogram.h>

Inheritance diagram for prapi::color::ColorCorrelogram:

prapi::FeatureExtractor< int, RGBColorImage<> > prapi::Indexer Object List of all members.

Detailed Description

A feature extractor that calculates the color correlogram for an RGB color image.

The method is described in detail in Jing Huang; Kumar, S.R.; Mitra, M.; Wei-Jing Zhu; Zabih, R.: "Image indexing using color correlograms", Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1997. Proceedings., 1997 IEEE Computer Society Conference on, 1997, Pages: 762 -768

Public Methods

 ColorCorrelogram (int levels, int originalLevels, const List< int > &distances)
 Create a color correlogram extractor with the given parameters.

List< int > getFeatureVector (const RGBColorImage<> &img) throw (FeatureExtractionException&)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

prapi::color::ColorCorrelogram::ColorCorrelogram int    levels,
int    originalLevels,
const List< int > &    distances

Create a color correlogram extractor with the given parameters.

levels  the number of quantization levels for a color channel
originalLevels  the original number of quantization levels
distances  the distances on which the correlogram is calculated

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