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prapi::binary::AdaptiveThresholding Class Reference

#include <AdaptiveThresholding.h>

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Detailed Description

A class for "adaptive binarization".

Instead of the global thresholding performed for example by util::MatrixUtils::compare(), this class is able of adaptively changing the binarization threshold. The threshold is presented as a percentage of a local average. That is, if you set the threshold to 0.1, pixel values less than 10% of the local average are set to zero. If the threshold is one, everything below average is reset to zero.

The thresholding works in two modes: "pixel" and "block". In pixel mode, each pixel is thresholded based on the neighborhood around it. In block mode, each neighborhood is thresholded block-wise.

Static Public Methods

template<class T> util::Matrix< T > threshold (const util::Matrix< T > &mat, double threshold=1, bool pixelMode=false, int neighborhoodSize=16, bool setToOne=false)
 Adaptively threshold an image.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
util::Matrix< T > prapi::binary::AdaptiveThresholding::threshold const util::Matrix< T > &    mat,
double    threshold = 1,
bool    pixelMode = false,
int    neighborhoodSize = 16,
bool    setToOne = false

Adaptively threshold an image.

threshold  the threshold
pixelMode  if true, thresholding is made pixel-wise
neighborhoodSize  the size of the neighborhood to consider in calculation
setToOne  if true, pixels that exceed the threshold are set to one. If false, they are left intact.

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