NamespaceDescriptionLinker flags
utilUtility classes for various purposes. Automatically allocated and associative arrays, linked lists, heap, multi-threading classes etc.-lutil -lrt -lm
util::xmlTools for parsing XML documents.-lutil -lrt -lm
util::ioClasses related to input/output with peripheral devices.-lutil -lrt -lm
netClasses for networking. Sockets, protocols and more.-lnet
prapiThe Pattern Recognition Application Programmer's Interface. Contains classes for miscellaneous pattern recognition tasks including feature extraction, classification, image manipulation, matrix calculation etc.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::graphicsA simple graphics library. Contains the most commonly used graphics primitives.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::textureTexture analysis extensions to the pattern recognition library.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::colorColor image analysis tools for the pattern recognition library.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::clusteringClasses for clustering feature distributions.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::binaryClasses for handling binary images. (Labeling, morphology, ...)-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::transformsImage transforms.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::extrasStuff that does not belong to anywhere else. Contains analysis methods that are either unpublished or rarely used.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::gaA general representation of a genetic algorithm with pluggable behaviors.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::dspDigital signal processing library. Contains many useful signal processing functions like convolution, correlation, Fourier transform, wavelet transform etc.-lpr -lutil -lrt -lm
prapi::neuroMethods related to neural networks.-lpr -ltuil -lrt -lm
propertyserviceUtility classes for easily controlling remote services via CORBA.-lpropertyservice -lutil -lrt -lm
propertyservice::mobilerobotClasses for controlling mobile robots.-lpropertyservice -lutil -lrt -lm
propertyservice::cameraA server skeleton for camera services.-lpropertyservice -lutil -lrt -lm