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Oulu, the capital of Northern Finland, is situated on the coast of the Gulf 
of Bothnia. It is a fast growing city with 100 000 inhabitants. Oulu received
its city charter in 1605, but as a commercial place it had already been known
in medieval times. Until recently the city earned its living from the export
of tar and timber products. Nowadays the export of tar has been replaced by
that of electronic goods.
Situated close to the Arctic Circle, Oulu enjoys very long summer days. The 
fine parks, museums and art galleries, the colourful market place, and the
proximity of the sea make the city an interesting destination for conference
participants. Oulu is easily reached by air, rail and road from Helsinki.

Linnanmaa Campus

The conference will be held at the Linnanmaa Campus of the University of Oulu,
about 5 km north of the city centre. There are two buses of each of the lines
4, 6, and 7 from the city centre to the Campus area every hour.
On the Campus there are several bars that serve lunch and snacks, the cost of
which is not included in the registration fee. Prices vary from 18 FIM 
(vegetarian meal) to 24 FIM. Coffee, tea and other refreshments will be 
provided during the breaks by the organizers.

Today's Weather


A trip to the Arctic Circle will be organized in the afternoon of Wednesday
19 June, which will give the participants the opportunity to take part in the
local Lappland initiation ceremony.

Arctic Circle


The Registration Desk will be manned on Sunday 16 June between  5 p.m. and
9 p.m. at Hotel Rantasipi and Monday 17 June through Thursday 20 June between
8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the Linnanmaa Campus area. Please send the completed
registration form to the Local Coordinator.

Seppo Seikkala, IMSE'96,
Division of Mathematics
Faculty of Technology
University of Oulu
90570 Oulu, Finland
Tel.: +358 81 553 2656,  FAX: + 358 81 553 2665 or +358 81 553 2664
WWW: http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~mah/imse96.html