General Information

Location of Hotels and Conference Site

The hotels are marked on the map (which will be sent to participants) as follows:
Hotel Rantasipi (number 18,  Kirkkokatu 3), Hotel Cumulus (21, Kajaaninkatu 17) and Hostel 
Välkkylä (29, Kajaanintie 36). The address of the student dormitory is Uusikatu 1, close 
to Hotel Rantasipi. The conference will be held in the Linnanmaa campus area, number 46 on 
the map, 5 km from the center of Oulu.
Lecture Rooms
The Opening Ceremony and 45 minutes Invited Lectures take place in Lecture Room L4. Sessions will
be held in lecture rooms L4, L5, L6, Pr101 and Pr102. Pr101 and Pr102 are opposite to L4 - L6.
On the map "bussipysäkki"=Bus Stop.

Bus Connections

There are three buses, numbers 4, 6 and 7, available for transportation from the 
center to the Linnanmaa campus area. Each of them leaves from Hotel Rantasipi once every hour.
The price of a ticket is 10 FIM and the travel time is about 15 minutes.
   Center - Linnanmaa  (once every hour)           Linnanmaa - Center (once every hour)
Bus       First departure      Last departure          Bus     Last departure
 4            6.40 am                 7.40 pm           4          8.05 pm
 6            6.50 am                 6.50 pm           6          7.20 pm 
 7            7.13 am                 8.13 pm           7          9.45 pm

Transportation to Oulu

The airport of Oulu is 10 km from the city. A bus from the airport to the 
city departs after each incoming flight. The ticket is 20 FIM and the journey is 15 minutes.
In the city of Oulu the bus stops in front of the hotels Rantasipi (number 18) 
and Vaakuna (number 3). Taxis are available from the airport for about 120 FIM. The 
timetable of the Finnair flights on the 16th of June is given below.

Flight number	Departure from Helsinki	Arrival in Oulu
AY3437		09.05				10.10
AY3441		13.05				14.10
AY3443		16.05				17.10
AY3449		19.35				20.40
AY3619		20.45				21.50
AY3657		22.10				23.15

The railway station (25) is located in the middle of the city only a couple of 
blocks from the hotels. There is a taxi station next to the railway station. 
A preliminary timetable for trains from Helsinki to Oulu on the 16th of June is
given below.

Train number		Departure from Helsinki	Arrival in Oulu
P 49			06.58				13.52
P 51			09.58				17.08
P 53			12.58				20.03
IC 41			14.54				21.25
IC 57			15.58				22.32
P 61			19.24                   	04.16 (Monday)
P 67			21.24               		05.35 (Monday)
P 69			22.02               		07.32 (Monday)

Welcome Reception

On Monday at 7 p.m. the City of Oulu holds a (free) reception to all 
conference participants in the City Hall (1).

Conference Banquet

The Conference Banquet will be held on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the restaurant
Snellmania in the Linnanmaa campus area. The price 200 FIM is not included in the
conference fee. 
Those who wish to attend the banquet but have not paid for it yet are requested 
to do so as soon as possible (preferably by the end of May), and inform the 
conference coordinator. The menu offers two choices:

Alternative 1:  soup of morels and rawpicked salmon, unleavened bread 
                fillet steak,  red wine sauce, baked potatoes with topping,
                carrot sticks, fried pickled onions

                bread cheese in honey and cream with Arctic cloudberries, coffee

Alternative 2:  slightly salted beef with horseradish cream, cover bread

                salmon in sour cream sauce, dill potatoes, carrot sticks

                berry parfait, coffee

Beverages (red and white wine, fruit juice, milk and iced water) are included in the

If there are any special requests concerning the menu (people with special diets etc.),
please let us know so that appropriate individual changes can be made. It would also be
appreciated if you would inform the organizers in advance of your choice of menu alternative.

Trip to the Arctic Circle

A trip to the Arctic Circle will be organized in the afternoon of Wednesday, 
19 June. The price, not included in conference fee, is 100 FIM and covers
the bus fare and a light meal during the trip. Those who intend to make the journey 
and have not paid yet, are requested to do so as soon as possible (preferably 
before the end of May).