The Universal Currency Converter or Koblas Currency Converter at GNN


All payments should be made in Finnish marks (FIM) by one of the following methods: (i) By credit card. Eurocard, Visa and Mastercard only are accepted. The card name together with the account number to be debited, expiry date and the name and address of the card holder, must be specified on the registration form. (ii) By bank transfer to the account of the IMSE'96. Bank: OKOBANK, Oulu, Finland, SWIFT OKOY FI HH, TELEX 124714 okohe sf, Account No. 574136-2144227 It is regretted that personal cheques cannot be accepted. Please make sure that your name and address are clearly stated on all the payments and transfer documents. Cancellation must be done in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail). Cancellations postmarked 1 May 1996 or later will incur an administrative charge of FIM 150. No refunds will be made after 31 May. Please note that the registration will be valid only after the payment of the fee has been received. All banking charges must be paid by the participants. -