The Fourth International Conference on


Oulu, Finland, 17-20 June 1996


You are cordially invited to attend the 4th International Conference
on Integral Methods in Science and Engineering (IMSE 96) to be held in
Oulu, Finland, 17-20 June 1996.
Participation is open to all scientists and engineers whose work makes
use of analytical and numerical methods, integral equations, ordinary
and partial differential equations, finite element methods, conservation
laws, hybrid approaches, vortex methods etc.

D.L. Colton,University of Delaware, USA

L. Gaul, University of Stuttgart, Germany

R. Kannan, University of Texas, USA

A. Klarbring, Linkoeping University, Sweden

M. Paukshto, University of St. Petersburg, Russia

G. Vainikko, Technical University of Helsinki, Finland

Accommodation has been arranged at special reduced prices in three main
hotels in the centre of Oulu and in the Valkkyla hostel, which is about 
1.3 km east of the centre. The hostel is used as a student residence during
term time. The prices are per room and per day:

                    Single room       Double room

Hotel Cumulus        FIM 380            FIM 380
Hotel Rantasipi      FIM 380            FIM 380
Hotel Vaakuna        FIM 530            FIM 620
Hostel Välkkylä      FIM 160            FIM 240
Student dormitory    FIM  60            FIM 100
The prices include VAT, full buffet breakfast, sauna and swimming, and the
use of a parking place(no breakfast etc. in a student dormitory).The hotel
rooms are of international standard with private shower, toilet, colour TV
set, etc. The hostel rooms have the same facilities except TV sets. The
participants are requested to make their own arrangements directly with the
chosen establishment. Be sure to mention the conference when making reservations
in order to get the special rates.

Contact information:

Hotel Cumulus                  Hotel Rantasipi
Kajaaninkatu 17, 90100 Oulu    Kirkkokatu 3, 90100 Oulu
Finland                        Finland
Tel. +358 81 3167 111          Tel. +358 81 3139 111
Fax.  +358 81 3167 299         Fax. +358 81 3139 100

Hotel Vaakuna                  Hostel Välkkylä
Hallituskatu 1, 90100 Oulu     Kajaanintie 36,  90100 Oulu
Finland                        Finland
Tel. +358 81 8877 666          Tel. +358 81 3118 060
Fax. + 358 81 8877 888         Fax. +358 81 3136 754

Conference fee  FIM 450 (students FIM 225) before March 31; late
registration FIM 540 (students FIM 270)
Conference banquet  FIM 200 per person
Trip to the Arctic Circle  FIM 100 per person

All payments should be made in Finnish marks (FIM) by one of the following 

(i) By credit card. Eurocard, Visa and Mastercard only are accepted. The card
name together with the account number to be debited, expiry date and the name
and address of the card holder, must be specified on the registration form.

(ii) By bank transfer to the account of the IMSE'96.
Bank: OKOBANK, Oulu, Finland,  SWIFT OKOY FI HH, TELEX 124714 okohe sf, Account
No. 574136-2144227

It is regretted that personal cheques cannot be accepted.
Please make sure that your name and address are clearly stated on all the
payments and transfer documents.
Cancellation must be done in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail). Cancellations 
postmarked 1 May 1996 or later will incur an administrative charge of FIM 150.
No refunds will be made after 31 May.
Please note that the registration will be valid only after the payment of the 
fee has been received. All banking charges must be paid by the participants.

Abstracts (up to 300 words) should be sent to the Local Coordinator no later
than 15 February 1996. The abstracts should include the title of the contribution,
the names of the authors, their affiliation, and up to three keywords.
The full length papers should be sent to the Local Coordinator before 30 September
1996. The papers will undertake peer review and those accepted will be included in
the Proceedings, which will be published by Longman/Wiley. Instructions for the
preparation of the camera-ready copy will be distributed at the conference.

Oulu, the capital of Northern Finland, is situated on the coast of the Gulf of
Bothnia. It is a fast growing city with 100 000 inhabitants. Oulu received its
city charter in 1605, but as a commercial place it had already been known in
medieval times. Until recently the city earned its living from the export of tar
and timber products. Nowadays the export of tar has been replaced by that of
electronic goods.
Situated close to the Arctic Circle, Oulu enjoys very long summer days. The fine
parks, museums and art galleries, the colourful market place, and the proximity
of the sea make the city an interesting destination for conference participants.
Oulu is easily reached by air, rail and road from Helsinki.
The conference will be held at the Linnanmaa Campus of the University of Oulu,
about 5 km north of the city centre. There are two buses of each of the lines 4,
6, and 7 from the city centre to the Campus area every hour.
On the Campus there are several bars that serve lunch and snacks, the cost of
which is not included in the registration fee. Prices vary from 18 FIM
(vegetarian meal) to 24 FIM. Coffee, tea and other refreshments will be provided
during the breaks by the organizers.

A trip to the Arctic Circle will be organized in the afternoon of Wednesday 19
June, which will give the participants the opportunity to take part in the local
Lappland initiation ceremony.

The Registration Desk will be manned on Sunday 16 June between  5 p.m. and 9 p.m.
at Hotel Rantasipi and Monday 17 June through Thursday 20 June between 8 a.m. and
5 p.m. in the Linnanmaa Campus area. Please send the completed registration form
to the Local Coordinator.

J. Saranen,  Chairman, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
S. Heikkila, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
A. Pramila, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
K. Ruotsalainen, Division of Mathematics, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
S. Seikkala, Local Coordinator, Division of Mathematics, Dept. of Electrical

C. Constanda, Chairman, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
H.H. Chiu, National Chen Kung University, Taiwan
C. Corduneanu, University of  Texas at Arlington, USA
C. A. J. Fletcher, University of New South Wales, Australia
A. Haji-Sheikh, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
V. P. Korobeinikov, Institute for Computer Aided Design, Moscow, Russia
A. Nastase, Rhein.- Westf. Technische Hohschule, Aachen, Germany
K. Oshima, Japan Society of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Tokyo, Japan
F.R. Payne, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
K. Ruotsalainen, University of Oulu, Finland
J. Saranen, University of Oulu, Finland
S. Seikkala,  University of Oulu, Finland
H.Wu, Computing Centre,  Beijing, China
K.S. Yajnik, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore, India
D.W. Yarbrough, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, USA
F.G. Zhuang, Chinese Aerodynamics Research Society, Beijing, China

Seppo Seikkala, IMSE'96,
Division of Mathematics
Faculty of Technology
University of Oulu
90570 Oulu, Finland
Tel.: +358 81 553 2656,  FAX: + 358 81 553 2665 or +358 81 553 2664
For travel information, please contact your nearest Finnair office.