WEFS (Weekly Electronic Football Simulation)

WEFS is looking for new managers!!
Please apply by sending a Novice roster complying with the format designated in the section "TEAM CREATION" of The Rulebook

WEFS is a football simulation run by me. It's a spin-off from EEFL (see below), slightly more complicated and a bit more detailed model of real life football.

WEFS runs on a weekly basis, one match every week. We have got 64 teams divided into 4 divisions of 16 teams; Elite, Second, Third and Fourth.

WEFS is completely free. The only 'price' you have to pay is that if you start playing, I expect you to turn in orders every week. If you're interested in the game, write me or take a look at WEFS home page. There is a waiting list for new managers. Every time a team is available for adoption or Novice division is founded, the first manager(s) in the waiting list get the chance. I give no guarantees about the time you have to wait to get to play; in the best case it's only days, but it can be years, if you get unlucky. Currently there are no managers in the waiting list.

WEFS Champion VI & Cup VI

WEFS World Cup III

EEFL (Experimental Electronic Football League)

In EEFL I'm running team F.C. Oulu ( OUL). I started playing EEFL in Noviate division in season VI (year 1992). EEFL was my very first experience with PBEM games, and it took a couple of seasons before I really got into the game, which then soon developed into an obsession. After some heavy work and a string of lucky breaks OUL managed to promote to Zenith, the highest level of EEFL football, at the end of season IX. Already the very first season in Zenith saw OUL grabbing the regular season championship, finishing second in the EEFL championship race and being the runner-up in the Cup. The high point for the team so far is winning the EEFL Cup in season 13, which just ended.

EEFL is run by Prune Wickart. By clicking 'EEFL' you get to EEFL home page, which contains tons of useful information and also instructions how you can join the game.

LEFL (Ladder Electronic Football League)

LEFL is an UEFL-type game, somewhat simpler football simulation compared to WEFS and EEFL. In LEFL I have team Isokylan Pallo-Pojat (IPP), which is currently ranked in top 10 of the 64 teams. IPP has certainly had its ups and downs in the game. The high point was certainly the combined #1 ranking last season (runner-up both in the regular season and in the Cup).

LEFL is run by Doug Ingram. Click 'LEFL' to go to LEFL home page, where you can find all sorts of useful stuff.