Research profile

Situation Awareness from Massive Data

Lecturing and courses

I am responsible for the course 521283S Big Data Processing and Applications. This year (2016) we had visiting lecturers from IBM about Bluemix (thanks to Ida Rimpiläinen), from Hilla Shared research environments about the upcoming Big Data and 5G infra at the university and VTT (thanks to Marko Jurmu and Ville Könönen) and a lecture about deep learning with an hands on exercise on H2O by Theodoros Anagnostopoulos.

In previous years, we have had lecturers from Ivorio Oy, Keijo Heljanko from Aalto University, Sasu Tarkoma from Helsinki University, and Matti Vakkuri from Tieto.

I have given lectures for 521144A, Algorithms and Data Structures in 2012-2014. The responsibility of the course is now transferred for the Department of Information Processing Science, University of Oulu.

Teacher tutor

I work as a teacher tutor at our degree programme.

I have worked as a student tutor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences under Alli Huovinen's supervision (1993-1994).

Thesis supervision

Want me to supervise your thesis? More information can be found from our teaching pages.

Data Science Topics under data science, big data, machine learning and/or context awareness are familiar for me. If your thesis is related to any topic where data is collected, managed, analysed and/or visualized, I can guide you. My favorite application areas are intelligent transport, smart cities and wearable computing, but you don’t need to limit yourself to them.

Pedagogical Expertise

I did have trouble in building myself a teacher-identity, as I have seen myself as a lonely researcher. However, working with people has taught me to communicate better and also I have started to really enjoy supervising tasks. Also, I want to participate in designing new course-work and study paths for our students. I have an urge to make things better and I want our students to have better changes to employ themselves after our studies. Therefore, I attend pedagogical studies.

050410A Research in subject didactics, 2016/01/22, 8 sp.
050098A Reflective Teachership, 2016/01/07, University Of Oulu, 2 sp.
416004A Basics of educational administration, 2016/01/07, University of Oulu, 1 sp.
University Pedagogy, YPE25, 2014/12/17, University of Oulu, 25 sp.
Teacher Tutor general education, 2012/05/30, University of Oulu, 1 sp.
Teacher Tutor education, 2012/03/16, University of Oulu.
Guidance in Thesis Working process, 2010/09/21, University of Oulu, 1 sp.
Workshop on Pedagogical Expertise in Technical Sciences, 2001-2002, University of Oulu, 9 sp.

Past Assistant Work

I have provided different kinds of new study materials and taught people in the following courses:
Algorithms and data Structures (2012), (lecturing "Growth of functions" and "Recurrences", creating and implementing exercises for the lectured topics)
Statistical Signal Processing (2000-2005), (creating new exercises and exam questions, calculation exercises, laboratory work (matlab) design, supervising and checking, weekly home exercise creation and checking)
Intelligent Systems Neural Networks laboratory work (1999-2001), matlab exercise design, supervision and checking

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