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2016/09/16, Ubicomp/ISWC206 at Heidelberg

Heidelberg is an excellent choice for the location of a Ubicomp conference as the town is so small. Walking around the streets in the evening, and in any corner you might pump into a friendly nerd! Today, Rosalind Pickard gave the keynote speech and I have to say it was very touching and interesting. Did you know that from the skin response, you can see signals that originate deep in the brain? This cannot be detected even from the traditional EEG! It seems that the connections between the skin, heart, veins etc. from our embyo development period never disappear but are activated in certain situations. Picard also mentioned that you can detect certain seizure by electrodermal activity measurements from one arm, when there is no sign of seizure in the other.

Our workshop HASCA 2016 (4th time this year!) was again a success. We had so many people listening and giving excellent presentations. But something very funny happened during the beginning... I was deep in my thoughts sending email and working on the front row and I noticed two students to appear sitting on my side. I thought, nice that they are so active and would sit in the first row! Then, the other student came to me and said "Hello, you are Susanna?" I am like yeah and looking at him for his name. He said 'I am Kristof' ...still I show no signs of recognition... 'Van Laerhoven'... I must have blushed! The other 'student' was our keynote speaker. I had the mental model of those two guys being so young...
After the intensive workshop, we had a very nice workshop dinner. Thanks for Sozo for organizing it!

We met Jonna Häkkilä's student Paula Roinesalo from the University of Lapland and they won the Design Jury Award for Aesthetics prize. I put a picture of Paula on twitter under tag #ISWC2016. Congrats again for the team!

2016/07/29, Big Data Processing course

We got a lot of feedback from our students regarding the course Big Data Processing and Applications targeted for master's students, both positive and negative. There was also a comment that this course was the lousiest course the student had ever participated. I am truly sorry about that and we will make an effort to improve. Some students on the other hand felt that they enjoyed the course and many students participated actively in the discussions during the sessions.

We had made a decision that we will not use exams for evaluation but the performance of the students would be graded by their personal seminar presentation and report and also by a group project work. Immediately after the course started, we faced some problems. The schedule assessed for the seminars was very difficult to fill as there were so many students compared to last years. The decision that each student would have a personal seminar presentation turned out to be quite bad as almost all lecture sessions needed to be filled by student presentations. We had four presentations each session and no lectures from the teacher at all. Therefore, too many topics was left for self-studying. We could have used a learning diary and give home-work for the topics after each lecture and for next year this will be considered in addition to making the seminar also as group work.

Some technical problems occurred, as well. The set up of the Amazon platform was delayed so the first practical sessions had to be used for setting up the clusters. We had a plan that the students could do it independently before the exercise sessions. Also, the assignment for project works should have been given earlier for the students so they could have planned it more carefully.

Theo's lecture on Deep learning and IBM's Bluemix lecture were given very positive feedback so thanks for those!

2016/07/29, HASCA 2016

Thank you alla for submitting to HASCA 2016! We will have an excellent program at Ubicomp 2016 so see you in Heidelberg!

2016/06/13, HASCA 2016

Hey all you activity recognition enthusiastics! Remember to submit to our workshop to be held at the next Ubicom! Find out more at HASCA 2016 website.

2016/03/16, Cyclist-Aware Traffic Lights

Our researchers Theodoros Anagnostopoulos and Denzil Ferreira have created a very cool system into our smart city Oulu: Cyclist-Aware Traffic Lights! Their system performs time-of-arrival estimation to the nearest traffic light and it is based on a distributed smartphone sensing approach. Please read the slide set Theodoros is kindly sharing with you.

2016/03/15, Big Data Processing and Application course started

Today, I started the lectures of the advanced course 521283S on Big Data Processing and Applications for master's students. The students would find information about Big Data 3V's, cloud computing, Apache Hadoop and its components, and other interesting things about the Big Data Processing pipeline. The students will have to set up their own Hadoop cluster (Cloudera distribution) on top of Amazon in the exercises - this idea was initally suggested by Matti Vakkuri, Tieto Big Data director. The course also includes seminars upon selected topics. On 31st March we get a visiting lecture from IBM and there we study the secrets of their Bluemix platform.

2015/10/08, Strata+Hadoop World

Our proposal from Data to Intelligence project Traffic Ecosystem work was selected as the first Finnish presentation ever in Strata+Hadoop World. There were hundreds of people participating and top-notch Big Data companies presenting their impressive portfolios. I will write more about the event soon when I will find the time. But... what's with me and electricity.. during my presentation, the electricity went down. Presentation is available.
Strata + Hadoop World in New York 2015

2015/09/08, Hasca 2015

For the third time, we held our International Workshop on Human Activity Sensing Corpus and its Application in conjunction with Ubicomp/ISWC. The equipment to collect data have advanced considerably during the last ten years, but still the reasoning based on higher level contexts is a good research topic. Thanks for all the presenters and especially for our active organizer Nobuo Kawaguchi from Nagoya University.

2015/08/06, Back to work

Our workshop IWWISS 2015 in Coimbra started as the darkest workshop ever. However, we could start with our keynote speaker Fahim Kawsar in another facility nearby and were rescued from the lack of electricity. The whole program can be found from the workshop web page and the publications are included in the official Mobiquitous 2015 proceedings. Thanks for all participants for the presentations and lively discussions!

And for some good news - I will be presenting our research on Big Data in the beginning of October at Strata+Hadoop World 2015 in New York! A more detailed topic is given here. I am surely exited!

2015/03/26, IWWISS2015 CFP Open!

Please submit to our workshop in conjunction with Mobiquitous 2015 in Portugal! International Workshop on Web Intelligence and Smart Sensing.

2015/02/11, J. Transportation Research part C accepted our paper

Our PhD student Ekaterina Gilman just got a paper accepted to the Journal of Transportation Research part C. Her article presents a recommendation system for individual drivers she has built in the Digile Ltd's D2I program. The novelty of her approach is in fusing the real time traffic fluency, weather, spatial databases and the vehicle engine data with different kinds of machine learning models to predict the fuel consumption (or whatever cost the driver is interested in) of the vehicle. This prediction is monitored against a larger group's, as well as the driver's own past driving behavior, and suggestions for better driving can be given. I am happy to co-author this work as a role of a supervisor of the team. Details: Gilman E., Keskinarkaus A.,Tamminen S., Pirttikangas S.,Röning J.,Riekki J., "Personalized assistance for fuel-efficient driving," Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Elsevier. In Press.

2015/02/05, IWWISS Workshop in Mobiquitous 2015

As our 2nd International Workshop on Web Intelligence and Smart Sensing (IWWISS’15), organized by me, Kamal Deep Singh from University of Jean Monnet and Takeshi Iwamoto from Toyama Prefectural University was accepted for the program of Mobiquitous 2015, you are warmly welcome to submit a lot of papers there. We will set up the final details this week and distribute the CFP asap!

2014/12/05, Lecturing over for a while

The lecturing for Algorithms and Data Structures for Computer Science and Engineering second year students is now done for the autumn. The final exercise for the course should be interesting as M. Jurmu, J. Partala and J. Karjalainen - our distinguished assistants - have generated a problem where Twitter data is exploited in studying, selecting and implementing (Python) data structures and graph algorithms. We are also planning a new big data processing course for next spring with M. Rautiainen.

2014/09/01, Autumn leaves

For a couple of days I will participate the China-Finland Co-Creating the Future Week. Today, our keynote was given by Xing Jijun who is the Deputy Director General of CSTEC (China Science and Technology Exchange Center), Ministry of Science and Technology in China. Marko Heikkinen from Tekes will soon talk about Industrial Internet and 5G, which should be interesting. After lunch, our projects Everyday Sensing and DIGILE's Data to Intelligence are presented by our Dean Jukka Riekki.

2014/06/11, ITS European Congress and Liikennelabra

May was very busy and I did not manage to go through all my tasks without blundering... Anyhow, now for new aims and the first one will be the ITS European Congress in Messukeskus Helsinki on 16th to 19th June. Our SHOK project under DIGILEs D2I Traffic will have a stand there and we are hoping to meet the most excellent actors of intelligent traffic scene there. Over 2000 people have registered to the event. On 16th, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication will announce their project Liikennelabra that aims to develop new kind of business connecting the public and private sector. An article about the project was published in Taloussanomat just this week.

2014/05/13, SHOK summit

I will be presenting Oulu Traffic Pilot poster at the SHOK summit at Millenium Pavilion, Kansalaistori, Eero Erkon katu,Helsinki on 14th May, 2014. At the event, especially interesting will probably be the industrial panel discussion by representatives from Ericsson, Metsä Fibre, Orion Diagnostica, Uponor, Wärtsilä, and Fastems Group.

2014/05/05, Big Data course starts today!

This spring at the Dept. Computer Science and Engineering we will organize, for the first time, a course on Big Data computing with Ivorio Oy. There will be an overview on the phenomena, also practical exercises to get to know the principal technologies today.

2014/04/15, Ubicomp 2014 workshop accepted!

I am pleased to inform that our workshop proposal entitled “2nd International Workshop on Human Activity Sensing Corpus and Its Application” has been accepted for inclusion into the UbiComp 2014 program! The first HASCA was held at Ubicomp 2013 in Zürich. The CFP should be out soon so send us your contribution then!

2014/03/20, Mega Sprint Review Day

On next Wednesday (25th March), DIGILE will give a Mega Sprint Review Day that brings together four SHOKs (D2I (Data to Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), DS (Digital Services), N4S (Need 4 Speed)). We will meet at Telakka in Helsinki, and I will be giving a presentation about our D2I Traffic ecosystem during session A. Business models and ecosystems. Unfortunately, this session is not open for the general audience. On Tuesday, I will participate, as a speaker, in SHOKeeraava fiksu kaupunki event at Paasitorni. All slides for the latter event can be found here.

2014/02/28, Skiing holiday

Sorry, if I cannot reply to your requests next week, I will be out-of-office 2014/03/03-2014/03/07.

2014/01/29, Oulu University RAE2013 (Research Assessment Exercise) published

The Oulu University Research Assessment Exercise Report 2014 - International Evaluation of Research at the University of Oulu was released yesterday. The evaluation is targeted to research communities (consortia of 15-120 persons, consisting of several research groups) which are formed on the basis of collaboration in research and doctoral training. It is not compulsory to attend the evaluation, but it is always good to have an outsider evaluation when you perform research as this information can be used as a reference when applying funding and forming new collaboration.

There were three categories in the evaluation: veni, vidi, vici; beginner groups, groups on the threshold of international breakthrough and world class research groups, respectively. My research group, iSpaces, was evaluated in the category of vidi within the iUBI consortia.

2014/01/21, Oulu Academic Ladies visited our department

I have been a member of Oulun akateemiset naiset ry, (association for Oulu academic ladies) for many years and currently I am a board member, as well. Every month we meet to discuss recent developments and we always have a theme for our meetings. Yesterday, I had invited the Ladies to visit our department.

2014/01/08, Happy New Year!

Course work, project meetings, and endless writing has started again. In Finland, we have the darkest time of the year, now. Within two months the situation will be quite different and we will move towards the nighless night and spring time. One of our researchers pointed out the following Top Technology Trends for 2014 and I especially like the third trend that states

3. From Big Data to Extreme Data

The need for trained data scientists is real. At our department, we also need to participate deeply in this development and therefore we will organize a new course on Big Data Computing on May. I will let you know more about this, when details are set.

Related to the trend above, please read this article in Talouselämä (sorry, in Finnish), Matti Vakkuri from Tieto talks about creativity required around Big Data

2013/12/16, Smart, Green and Integrated Transport, Information Day 2013.

Tomorrow, I will travel to Brussels for a EU meeting about Smart, Green and Integrated Transport. Also, on 19th Dec, we will visit Bell labs at Alcatel-Lucent in Antwerp.

2013/11/04, Serving as an opponent.

I had the opportunity to serve as an opponent for M.Sc. Laura Ruotsalainen when she defended her thesis at the Department of Pervasive Computing, Tampere University of Technology. My fellow opponent was Dr. Jari Syrjärinne from Nokia HERE. It took over three hours for us to go through our questions, but the doctoral candidate withstood the pressure honourably.

2013/10/07, Nine new deans selected for the University of Oulu.

Nine new deans have been selected for the University of Oulu by the head-master Lauri Lajunen. My boss Professor Jukka Riekki was selected as the dean for our new faculty, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE), starting from 2014/01/01. Congratulations! I am sure he will continue his excellent work in developing the research and teaching at our department, also.

2013/09/08, Ubicomp 2013 workshop in Zurich.

We are organizing HASCA2013 that is the first workshop for Human Activity Sensing Corpus and its Application. The workshop is held in conjunction with UbiComp2013 at Zurich.

2013/03/19, article about our project.

Our project partners and we wrote an article (in Finnish) to magazine.

2013/03/07, About SHOKs

As a researcher working in one of the SHOK- programs, I have keenly followed the news around Ramboll's report "Licence to SHOK?" - External evaluation of the strategic centres for science, technology and innovation. Our Data to Intelligence- program is under Tivit Oy (ICT and digital services) and Tivit has already given their public answer related to the report and more recently by Reijo Paajanen. Helsingin sanomat has written about the SHOK's this week in the leading editorial by Elina Grundström. Tekniikka & Talous has discussed the topic already on October 2011.

2013/03/28, Digital Watermarking.

Anja Keskinarkaus defended her thesis Digital Watermarking techniques for Printed Images on 28th Feb, 2013. Digital watermarking is essential, for example, in authentification, verifying material rights or broadcast monitoring.

2012/02/25, CSE Research Showcase 2013.

Every Monday two of our researchers give a presentation on research showcase seminar. This Monday it was my turn and I talked about urban mobitility analysis in Data to Intelligence Program

The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments.

CFP launched for IE'13: Intelligent Environments (IE) refer to physical spaces in which IT and other pervasive computing technology are woven and used to achieve specific goals for the user, the environment or both. Paper submission (all categories): 5 March 2013.

Urban Echoes has published their web site on Urban Adaptive lighting in the City of Oulu!

From their web site: "The aim of the “Adaptive Urban Lighting – Algorithm Aided Lighting Design” project is to research and develop the use of algorithmic design methods in designing adaptive urban lighting. The research process is supported by trace data collected in ongoing collaborative UBI Urban Informatics projects." More on the project: Kaupunkikaikuja and Adaptive Urban Lightning

D2I Traffic/Security Ecosystems and OS meeting at the University of Oulu, TS107, at 10-15.

On Thursday 17th Jan. 2013 D2I OS- work package meets partners from Traffic and Security ecosystems at the University of Oulu.

D2I deliverable preparations and next year project plans

For our project partners, the template for the next year plan can be found here (deadline 12th December) and the deliverable templates (D3.3.1 deadline 31th January, 2013) here.

Attended the defence of Kimmo Halunen at our department 16.11.2012

An interesting dissertation at our department on Hash function security: Cryptanalysis of the Very Smooth Hash and multicollisions in generalised iterated hash functions. Kimmo has graduated from the Department of Mathematical Sciences and worked at the Oulu University Secure Programming Group.

Attended the BHTN Oulu gathering 13.11.2012

BOTHNIA HEALTH AND TECHNOLOGY NETWORK (BHTN) GATHERING, Target group: Invited persons working on health and technology related topics. University of Oulu, Finland.

Attended D2I minisprint at Logica 22.10-23.10.2012

Our project meeting that collected several partners to discuss the latest developments, was held at Logica (CGI), Helsinki on October: Data to Intelligence Program

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