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Visit from Oulun Akateemiset Naiset ry, 2013/01/21

I have been a member of Oulun akateemiset naiset ry, (association for Oulu academic ladies) for many years and currently I am a board member, as well. Every month we meet to discuss recent developments and we always have a theme for our meetings. Yesterday, I had invited the Ladies to visit our department.

We have six research groups in our department, Center for Machine Vision Research, Biomedical Engineering Research Group, Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG), Community Imaging group, MediaTeam Oulu and my group, Interactive Spaces. Our first presentation was about impact toughness of steel by Satu Tamminen from BISG. She develops mathematical models to predict challenging quality properties of steel. She will defend her thesis this year on the subject.

Robotics group was presented by Antti Tikanmäki, he explained the current state of the art in robotics research. One of their recent developments is an interactive Minotaurus robot demonstrated by Jukka Holappa from the Center for machine vision research. The robot communicates through speech and can identidy (from vision) the persons height, age and identity.

Finally, Marta Cortés presented a selection of prototypes that utilize NFC technology to aid different kinds of learning environments.

I want to thank all the participants and speakers for making this nice event possible.

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