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Situation Awareness from Massive Data


2020/06/24, Updates

These pages are not up-to-date, please go to my university personal pages.

2017/07/05, Off to Holidays!

After the extremely busy time during this year, I will soon start my summer holidays. On August, our research unit will have visitors from France and Japan for the Second International Workshop on Smart Sensing Systems (IWSSS ’17) and shortly after that we will meet with good friends at Ubicomp 2017. Until then, happy holidays!

2017/05/05, Big Data Processing course almost done!

Almost 40 students have managed to go through the course work of Big Data Processing and Applications this year. We have only the final presentations left and one seminar session. This year, the project work assignments were targeted to different companies and research organizations. Groups worked at Tieto, IBM, Valossa, VTT, Ramboll, Kaltio technologies and University of Oulu. The tasks were diverse, from data engineering to advanced data analytics.

We had visiting lecturers from Indalgo Oy: Perttu Laurinen plus Finpro: Janne Jäälinoja on decision making, CuriousAI: Paul Tötterman on Computational Infrasructure and GPU Analytics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Jari Salokannel on GDPR and Data Protection in Big Data Architectures, case Hadoop, UBICOMP: Mourad Oussalah on Natural Language Processing and VTT: Niko Reunanen on Deep Learning. Thank you all for the most interesting views on the topics!

Also, students presented on the following topics:
Hans Rosling’s views on the world. What can excellent visualization offer for decision making?
How do criminals use AI and machine learning?
The Google file system
Social Media Analysis and toolkits, why? Howto, who?
Behind Dropbox Stack
Matei Zaharia and Spark Development, past and present
Crowdsourcing computer time - SETI and other examples
Petascale Analytics in Genomics
Computational graphs
Distributed representations
Containers and microservices, definitions and use cases
Video Analytics
Can language be taught using social media / social network?
Global Impact of Open Data. Situation in Finland compared to other countries.

All the presentations were very good/excellent. Thank you students, also!

This was the first year to try out project assignments to companies. Next year, I would like to continue this kind of approach as the students will have a real possibility to know what is happening in the industry at the moment. If your company is interested in joining this kind of effort, I will assing 4-5 students for a selected use case with minimum three appointments with the students within two months next spring. Contact me if you are interested: susanna.pirttikangas(at)ouludot fi.

Old News

Education and Job

I work as a project researcher at the University of Oulu, Center for Ubiquitous Computing, Finland. I did my Master's thesis on coding theory (On decoding algorithms for Reed-Solomon codes) at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. My Doctoral studies were completed at my current department under Embedded systems (Routine Learning: From Reactive to Proactive Environments).

Since June 2015.

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