LBP implementation in multiple computing platforms
Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is a texture operator that is used in several different computer vision applications and implemented in a variety of platforms. When selecting a suitable LBP implementation platform, the specific application and its requirements in terms of performance, size, energy efficiency, cost and developing time has to be carefully considered.

This is a software toolbox that collects the software implementations of the Local Binary Pattern Operator in several platforms:
  • OpenCL for CPU & GPU
  • OpenCL for GPU (branchless)
  • C code optimized for ARM
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 shader language for mobile GPUs
  • C code for TI C64x DSP core (branchless)
  • C code for TTA processor synthesis

If you are using this software in any project, please cite the following article:

  • Bordallo López M., Nieto A., Boutellier J., Hannuksela J., and Silvén O.
    "Evaluation of real-time LBP computing in multiple architectures,"
    Journal of Real Time Image Processing, 2014.pdf

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    Thanks to Jani Boutellier, Jari Hannuksela, Henri Nykänen & Sami Varjo


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