Computer Image Analyzing (CIA) System for Psoriasis Area Assessment

The goal of this project is to develop technology for machine vision based psoriasis area assessment.
The principle is to use segmentation to differentiate the psoriasis plaques from healthy skin and the
background in medical images. The final classification of the segments affected by psoriasis is carried
out manually.

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Main parts of the CIA system:

The CIA system is based on segmentation with the previously developed hierarchical connected
components (HCC) analyzis. In order to calculate the percentage area of psoriasis involvement, the skin
surface area of the whole body is determined by extracting the image with the OhtaI2 color feature
and using gray level thresholding.

Photography system for psoriasis skin image application

  Block diagram of the system

Image after:   Ohta I2 extraction  Gray level thresholding  HCC segmentation  

User interface for final area assessment


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