Dr. Jie Chen

Now working in machine vision  group, University of Oulu, as a senior researcher.


Email :    

+358 8 553 2898
+358 8 553 2612

Room: TS329

Machine Vision Group, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering,
              P.O.Box 4500 FI-90014 University of Oulu, Finland.

Research Interests: Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Processing and Analysis, Machine learning, and watermarking.
                              I am especially focusing on face detection, dynamic texture segmentation and human action classification.


Workshop and Special issue (SI)

2014:     ACCV2014 workshop        Neurocomputing SI

2016:     CVPR2016 Workshop 

2017:     ICCV2017 workshop         TPAMI SI      

2018      IJCV SI


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