Abdenour Hadid, PhD, Associate Professor

Academy Research Fellow, University of Oulu, Finland,

Senior Member of IEEE

Recipient of the 100-Talent Program (Visiting Professor) of Shaanxi Province, China

Jan Koenderink Prize for fundamental contributions in computer vision

BTAS 2016 Five Year Highest Impact Award

Chairman of the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=heC40hcAAAAJ&hl=en




Short Bio:

Abdenour Hadid belongs to a new generation of young and very talented professors. He got his PhD degree at the University of Oulu (Finland) in 2005. Very young, he started investigating different research topics related to skin modeling, object detection and tracking, face analysis, biometrics, manifold and machine learning, audiovisual multimodal person analysis etc. He made excellent contributions to many of these topics. He was very productive and published over 170 articles over the last 15 years giving an average of more than 10 articles per year. His research works have been well referenced by the research community with more than 10700 citations so far according to Google Scholar (and an h-Index of 35). Among his significant scientific achievements with his colleagues at University of Oulu is the methodology for face detection and recognition using Local Binary Patterns (LBP) which has evolved to present a major breakthrough in face analysis. The proposed approach has been adopted by many leading scientists and research groups around the world. A popular Springer book on Computer Vision using Local Binary Patterns has been co-authored. A prestigious “Jan Koenderink Prize” for fundamental contributions in computer vision has also been received. Prof. Hadid participated and played a key role in different European projects. One of these projects (http://www.tabularasa-euproject.org/) has been selected as a Success Story by the European Commission. His achievements have been recognized by many awards and grants including the competitive post graduate position from the Graduate School in Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation (GETA) during 2001-2015, the very competitive Academy postdoctoral grant from the Academy of Finland during 2008-2010, the highly competitive Academy Research Fellow position from the Academy of Finland during 2013-2018, and a very prestigious international award within the 100-Talent Program (Outstanding Visiting Professor) of Shaanxi Province, China. These significant achievements would not have been possible without the hard work of his research team and also his strong international network of collaborators in France, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Switzerland and UK. Prof. Hadid is currently a senior member of IEEE and the Chairman of the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland. He is also the recipient of BTAS 2016 Five Year Highest Impact Award. He is currently teaching regular courses at University of Oulu including “Artificial Intelligence” and “Multimodal Data Fusion”.










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