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Vision-based motion analysis aims to detect, track and identify objects, and more generally, to understand their behaviors, from video sequences. This exciting research area has received growing interest in recent years due to a wide spectrum of proposing applications such as visual surveillance, human-machine interface, virtual reality, and motion analysis. Statistical machine learning algorithms have been recently successfully applied to address challenging problems involved in this area. Novel statistical learning technologies have strong potential to contribute to the development of robust yet flexible vision systems. The process of improving the performance of vision systems has also brought new challenges to the field of machine learning. Solving the problems involved in object motion analysis will lead to the development of new machine learning algorithms. In return, new machine learning algorithms are able to address more realistic problems in object motion analysis and understanding.


This one-day workshop seeks to present and highlight the latest developments in vision-based object motion analysis and understanding from a machine learning perspective. It aims to bring together worldwide researchers from related disciplines, to provide a forum for the dissemination of significant research work and innovative practice, and to encourage exchanges, interactions and possible collaboration between participants.

What¡¯s new:

¡¤ August 24th, Technical program  was ready

¡¤ July 27th: Notification was sent out

¡¤ June 23rd: Papers were assigned to reviewers

¡¤ June 22nd: Online submission was closed

¡¤ March 16th: Book proposal ¡°Machine Learning for Vision-based Motion Analysis¡± has been accepted and will appear in the advanced in PR series published by Springer.  The accepted papers with high quality would be invited to submit in the extended form to this book.


¡¤ March 10th: Online submission was already open


¡¤ March 6th: MLVMA09 website was available


¡¤ The 1st International Workshop on Machine Learning for Vision-based Motion Analysis (MLVMA¡¯08) in conjunction with ECCV2008 was held successfully in Oct 17th, 2008, in Marseille, France.




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The 2nd International Workshop on Machine Learning for Vision-based Motion Analysis (MLVMA¡¯09)

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