Assignment 4

The assignment is done in groups of two students. After the assignment has been accomplished, please demonstrate it to some of the assistants. After the assistant has verified the functionality of your implementation, you are free to leave. Before leaving, please send your source codes with the list of the group members and contact information by email to: (group nr assignment) (email or possibly optima?)

The assistants are available until 18:00, but you can continue after that as well. If you finish your assignment after 18:00, you can demonstrate the functionality next day. (deadline: next assignment beginning)


Programming environment

Programming assignment

In this assignment, your task is to add a SIP User Agent to the video sender/receiver application developed in the previous assignment, to open and close on-demand video streaming sessions. We are aware that using RTP and SIP is a bit artificial way to stream a file over the network. A realtime video source (such as a live sport event) instead of a file would be more reasonable in this scenario.

Protocol requirements:

UA/UI requirements:

When finished, demonstrate your application to an assistant and capture the SIP/RTP traffic using packet sniffer, such as WireShark or tcpdump.