Kinect Calibration Toolbox

by Daniel Herrera C.
Center for Machine Vision Research
University of Oulu

This is the toolbox accompanying our PAMI 2012 paper:
- Herrera C., D., Kannala, J., Heikkilä, J., "Joint depth and color camera calibration with distortion correction", TPAMI, 2012.


We present an algorithm that simultaneously calibrates two color cameras, a depth camera, and the relative pose between them. The method is designed to have three key features: accurate, practical, and applicable to a wide range of sensors. The method requires only a planar surface to be imaged from various poses. The calibration does not use depth discontinuities in the depth image which makes it flexible and robust to noise. We apply this calibration to a Kinect device and present a new depth distortion model for the depth sensor. We perform experiments that show an improved accuracy with respect to the manufacturer’s calibration.



Best poster award - COST school on 3D Media, Tampere 2012

Code v2.2

Daniel Herrera C.