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Informaatioverkostojen palvelutekniikat/Information Networks Service Techniques 521499A

  • Kurssikuvaus (Course description in Finnish)
  • Extent: 5,0 op (3,0 ov). Lectures (20 hours), exercise (30 hours), final exam.
  • Objectives: Course aims at providing insight into the structure, services, techniques and networks of modern information networks, and involved strategic decisions. Course provide introduction in applying the converged service techniques and understanding the related theoretic models.
  • Learning objectives: Student can explain the essential concepts and fundamentals of the information networks structures. Student can explain related theoretic models and classify different service technologies. Student can recognize the role of networked technogies in the implementation of various information network services.
  • Contents: Network theory, traffic theory, game theory, information network services, service platforms, service architectures, network effects, service adoption, network strategies, peer-to-peer network techniques.
  • Implementation: Lectures and group work. Grade is determined by a final exam.. Group work can provide additional points to exam. Course materials are available at OPTIMA.
  • Literature: S. Mueller, APIs and Protocols for Convergent Network Services, McGraw-Hill 2002, kappaleet 1,2,7-14.
  • Additional reading: A. Barabasi: "Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means", Plume 2003; T. Ahonen, m-Profits: Making Money from 3G Services, Wiley 2002.
  • Prerequisities: recommended courses include Introduction to Telecommunication Engineering (521319A), Software Engineering (521457A), Operating Systems (521453A) and Eletronic commerce (721426A).


  • You have to register yourself to this course in OPTIMA. If you don't have an account then first register to OPTIMA.


  • Contact: Prof. Vassilis Kostakos.
  • Periods: 4-5