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521453A Operating Systems (5cp)

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The course familiarises the student with basic knowledge of computer operating systems. The course consists of lectures, a laboratory exercise, and an examination of which the latter two are mandatory. These pages contain some important information, such as exercise material, schedule, and contact information.

Table of Contents


Period Lectures Laboratory Work Credits Points
5-6 30h 6h 5


Prof. Juha Roning


The objective of the course is to provide basic knowledge of computer operating system structures and functioning.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the course the student is capable of explaining the basic structure and functioning of operating system. Student is able to point the problems related to process management and synchronization as well as is able to apply learned methods to solve basic problems. Student is capable of explaining the cause and effect related to deadlocks and is able to analyse them related to common circumstances in operating systems. Additionally, the student is able to explain the basics of memory management, the use of virtual memory in modern operating systems as well as the structure of the most common file-systems.


  1. Introduction
  2. Computer-System Structures
  3. Operating-System Structures
  4. Processes
  5. Threads
  6. CPU Scheduling
  7. Process Synchronization
  8. Deadlocks
  9. Memory Management
  10. Virtual Memory
  11. File-System Interface
  12. File-System Implementation


Lectures 30h, laboratory exercise 2+4h.

Lectures will be held during periods 5-6. Next mandatory laboratory exercise is scheduled on Spring 2014.


Lecture slides can be purchased from University Press store (Yliopiston paperikauppa) probably after the first couple of lectures.

Silberschatz, A., Galvin P.B., Gaqne G.: Operating System Concepts, 6th (or newer) edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003. (Chapters 1-12).


  • 521141P Elementary Programming
  • 521142A Embedded Systems Programming
  • 521267A Computer Engineering



Lectures will be held in the periods 5-6, 2014. The registration will be available on WebOodi .

Day Time Room
Monday 12-14 L4
Tuesday 12-14 L4


Next exam will be held on 22.11.2013 14:00-17:00 in lecture hall L3.

Old exam questions are available here


Laboratory Work

The laboratory work is performed in a group of 2 students in Unix computer class, including the practical problems from the lectures to be solved using C-programming language. There is 4 hours of time, and the answer sheet can be returned at the end. Separate work report is not needed. Also, take a look at the pre-exercise section.

Next organized laboratory exercises will be held on spring 2014.

Registration to the excercises is done in weboodi. The dates for the laboratory excercises are as follows:

Group Date Time Room
1 13.3.2013 Wednesday 14.15 - 18.00 TS136
2 14.3.2013 Thursday 12.15 - 16.00 TS136
3 20.3.2013 Wednesday 14.15 - 18.00 TS136


The lab exercises include pre-exercises which must be done BEFORE the actual lab work and return to assistant when coming to lab.


The answers can be found from the course material (chapters 4, 5, 7, and 8) and from the unix manuals (man command). If unix-machine is not available, man-pages can be found text file below.

Manual pages

Contact Information

  • Course lecturer: Juha Roning

  • Course assistant: Tuomo Alasalmi
    • Personal consulting hours: Tuesdays 10-11 at TS353
    • Email: t u o m o a l a @ n o s p a m . e e . o u l u . f i

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